Steam gets a makeover with new ‘Discovery 2.0’ update

Valve released their Discovery 2.0 update today which sees the old Steam store UI replaced with a more ‘sift-able’ version in an aim to give users more control over what they see on their front page.


Steams original Discovery update seen the implementation of many features that we use today such as; Steam Curators system, Discovery queue and a Steam Storefront that recommended games to users based on what they had bought in the past.

This update however offers no such features.

But it does refine the systems that are already in place.

For example, games wont show in the store if you already own them, the Curators section on Steam has been expanded and most games on the front page now show screenshots alongside them.

This comes as Steam has recently announced that developers need to use ‘in-game’ screenshots after the recent controversy surrounding No Mans Sky.

The update has been widely well received by the PC gaming community.




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